Art Official Synthetic Grass Perth



csrio tested artificial grass

Art-Official Synthetic Grass Perth has been thoroughly tested for Heavy Metals by the ChemCentre in Perth, meeting the Australian/New Zealand standards (AS/NZ ISO 8124.3.2003-part 3).

What does that mean? This means as our customer you are receiving some of the safest synthetic grasses in the world which are also allergen free. There are a lot of synthetic and artificial grass products on the market these days that don’t pass these stringent tests. Art-Official Synthetic Grass Perth has spent years developing our synthetic grass with our manufacturer and as more and more families are installing synthetic grass it’s important to know what you are walking on daily.

Art-Official Synthetic Grass Perth is one of the only artificial grasses in Australia that has been successfully UV tested by CSIRO meeting the Australian/New Zealand standards (AS/NZS 1580 Method 601.1). CSIRO testing insures that you are getting one of the best and most durable artificial grass products in the world.


synthetic lawn heavy meta testingIn addition to AS/NZS 1580 Method 601.1 and Heavy Metal tested by the ChemCentre, we include a broad range of environmental tests that ensure our synthetic grass products exceed testing standards for any environmental and health concerns. The planet belongs to our children & our children's children, so being a good steward of our resources has been a longstanding pledge of Art-Official Synthetic Grass .